2010 Project

During the fiscal year of 2010 project, we focused on two actions.

First, a total of 4 types of robot was introduced on trial to several nursing facilities and a hospital in Kanagawa for monitoring and measurement.

For further information on each robot we introduced on trial, please visit its web site.






 Product Usage

1. Robot Suit HAL

  • Assist to Indepence & Physical Movement
  • Walking Assitance
 2. Nemuri SCAN 眠りSCAN画像.jpg 
  • Sleep Cycle Monitoring 

 3. Paro

  • Healing(robot therapy) 
 4. Readable り〜だぶる画像.jpg 
  • Reading Assisit 



project 2010rev..jpg


Secondly, we conducted two-step-surveys to understand users' requirements about robots from caregivers' point of view.  At first, we constructed a questionnaire and sent it out to over 800 defferent nursing facilities.  Follwed by that, face-to-face interviews were conducted.


market research 2010rev..jpg



market research result 2010.jpg


Additionally, we conducted various activities to inform our activities regarding the Nursing-care Robot Promotion Project.


promotion 2010rev..jpg



media exposure 2010rev.jpg



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