Closing 2010 Project

In order to boost the promotion of nursing-care robots, we made five(5) suggestions for further consideration at the end of the 2010 Project.


1 Measure Nursing-care Robots (monitoring)
 It is necessary to monitor and measure robots and give feedbacks from caregivers to the R&D section of each robot maker.


2 Develop for Practical Use
 To utilize nursing-care robots efficiently at nursing facilities, just implementing them is inadequate.  It is necessary to develop substitute for the practical use.


3 Develop Personnel
 To introduce and use nursing-care robots practically, it is necessary to acquire new knowledge and skills. It is also necessary to establish educational and training systems for developing personnel.  


4 Develop Guidelines
 To promote and spread nursing-care robots, it is necessary to develop guidelines in order to introduce and make practical use of them.


5 Establish Nursing-care Robot Promotion Center(tentative name)
 It is necessary to establish the “Nursing-care Robot Promotion Center (tentative name)”as a collaborative project between industry, academia, and government.



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